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The New Plymouth Yacht Club provides lessons for adults who wish to own or crew on a yacht and sail with the club in our regular racing during the season which runs from October through to April.  The lessons provided are aimed teaching the basics of sailing centreboard yachts.  Through the lessons, the Club is focussed on providing a pathway for adults wishing to participate in club sailing activities.  The lessons provided are not by themselves an adequate basis for bareboat yacht charters for which responsible operators should demand further sailing experience together with a formal boating qualification such as completing the Coastguard Boatmaster course.

Lessons for Adults (15 yrs and over) are generally organised during the summer and when daylight saving gives a little more time around work commitments.  Depending on the availability of coaches, sessions can be organised on any afternoon or evening during the week and Saturday mornings or Sundays. The timing is dependent on having suitable weather and concurrent availability of the coach and the learner.

Adult Learn to Sail courses are run on a 1:1 basis over three lessons of 2½ hours each.  The yacht normally used is a 420.  Generally, the sailing lessons are aimed at getting adults to sail centreboard boats independently and competently so that they can gradually move into sailing and racing with the club. Three lessons will not make anyone an experienced sailor but following on from the lessons, learners should be able to rig their boat, launch and sail in lighter winds so that they can gradually gain sailing skills and confidence.  Club members are always willing to help with advice on setup and sailing skills.

Due to demand and the difficulty of coordinating the weather and availability of learners and coaches, there is a backlog of adults wishing to have sailing lessons.  Priority will be given to those learners who have demonstrated intention to participate in club activities.

The application form below needs to be filled out and sent to John Pitman.  Once a learner has been accepted into the programme, they will be provided with details for payment of the $300 fee which must be received before lessons commence.

Having completed the Learn to Sail programme, it is recommended that learners continue to develop their knowledge and skills by joining the club and spending time on the water sailing.  We will try to arrange opportunities to crew on others yachts or help learners manage their own boats.  Opportunities exist for crewing in 420s, Hartleys and other trailer sailers.

We currently have fleets of Lasers, Paper Tigers, 420s, Hartley 16s, Noelexes and Ross 780s.  However we welcome all centreboard classes to sail with the club.  The principle club contacts and class websites for our regular fleets are:

Laser: John Pitman, NZ Laser Class Association

Paper Tiger Catamaran: Mark Hatch, NZ PT Class Association

Hartley 16:  Jason Holdt; Hartley 16 Class Association

A Class Catamaran: John Coplestone; NZ A Class Association

A list of NZ Yachting affiliated class associations and how to get in touch with them can be found here: Class Associations.  Regionally and nationally, there are regattas in each of these classes with friendly and competitive events for sailors of all ages.

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Please contact John Pitman 027 669 3991 or [email protected]

for any further information.


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